Inter-office Queuing System (Cashier, Registrar, Guidance, Principal and Admin)

Modules: Advertisement Module, Que Monitoring and Control, Multi Offices QCount, Current User, Multiple Display, Ticketing Module Reset, and Scroll Message Display

The Integrated Student Management System (eQue) is a world-class and state of the art multi-user network database application system designed for a more efficient and systematic management of queuing service.

  • E-Gate. This module is used to capture student transaction with the school. Entering student number is required in the instance.
  • Cashiering. This module is designed to accept payment transactions from the students. Queuing is integrated in the cashiering system.
  • Q-Display.   This module is the external display of Que numbers in the specific location for customers.
  • Server-based TimeControl. Time/Date is controlled by the server, thus, it can’t be manipulated by anyone except the Sys Admin or owner.