Students Master (Profile, Attendance, Infractions, Account Balance and Etc…)

Modules: Add Student, Masterfile, Inquiry by SY, Class Sectioning, Attendance, Guidance and Clinic Records

The Integrated School Management System is a world-class and state of the art multi-user network database application system designed for a more efficient and systematic preparation of school processes, records and financial transaction.

  • Registration. This module features the seamless flow of student enrolment. Registration modules are designed for users who can easily add student in the mastefile, creating SY account and others…
  • Payments and Accounts. This module caters the payment reception facility. Here, payments and accounts management are automated. O.R. printing, SOA, record of payments, balance inquiry and collection reports are offered.
  • Collection Report. This module offers a dynamic reporting of collected amount for the day or range period. It has also a monthly income monitoring with gain or loss indicators.
  • Assessments. These module generate auto assessment based on the level selected. The user can easily answer on calls asking for the assessment of inquired level for the year.
  • Utilities. These module prepares the system wide use of predefined items such as…levels, account name, section, department….and users.