A glance to ISMS Platinum Edition

The long wait is over…Once again, ISMS is making a difference!

Prior to its release this coming December 2018. ISMS Platinum Edition is now on its final ascend for the market and deployment.  The Research and Development Team (RDT) has been working hard for the improvements.

Details of Enhancements and Improvements

Improved security.  ISMS adopt a global (systems wide) security protocols that constricts the use of the system features by User-level and Role. User roles in effect are as follows: SysAdmin, Admin, Principal, Finance, Cashier and Teachers. Other roles maybe added as provided by the policy of the school.

Framework.  The ISMS is utilizing the Wasted Framework and Libraries for its framework design and functionalities. This enable the users to easily recognize the feature and interact with the system properly.

Design.  ISMS design is now very different compare to its last version (v5). The design has been totally dressed-up making and seeing it aesthetically beautiful and dynamic.

Added System Features.  Teachers/Employees Lounge, E-Tablutaion System, SSG Election System, (Finance) Disbursements, Vouchers and Check Writing System.

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