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ISMS Online Learning Solutions

School visibility and uniqueness in the new normal. Deliver authentic learning contents to your students.

The ISMS DevTeam will officially support Moodle LMS for all our existing clients and clients to be. This is free and open source (yet powerful) LMS design for schools and some educational institutions. It is used and recognized globally in terms of delivering seamless LMS to schools and students.

The package includes the following: School Domain with pre-installed Moodle LMS, Online Enrolment/Registration and WordPress plug-in for database driven page posting, training for the staff, technical support and maintenance.


...make your school online ready!

Since private schools all over the country are preparing for the “New Normal” and alot of resources might be induced for the said schema of developing and setting up the platform for the new approach. Education experts are also busy advising the schools on what to do and what’s next. But this is not sufficient enough to address the needs of the learners and the workforce of the school.

There are also companies offering LMS with some add ons as they said but sad to say the cost is high and posibly affects economically on the part of parents and students. Online platform will took its place after the quarantine and the school needs that platform to operate normally and effectively.

The next challenge is sustainability and whe’re here for that to support you. Run your own LMS and be not dependent only to LMS providers. The New Normal School must be visible in the internet and builds infrastructure of its own.

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Online Learning Solutions Links: (New Normal site) (Online Registration Subscription) (List of Clients/Schools) (Trial Portal for Online Registration) (Client/School’s Login)


Accounting and Cashier’s Office
Server Room


  • Enrolment Facility/Student Master

  • Accounts Management

  • Payment/Cashiering

  • Collections

  • Assessments

  • Grading System

  • Queuing System (from gate to offices)

  • School Accounting (chart of accounts, disbursements, daily cash position)

  • Student Billings

  • Books and Inventory

  • Clinic and Guidance Modules

  • Library System

  • Audit Trail (data change recording)

  • Others…


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