D23 Manila – Our Latest Technology for School Management System


Schools must undergo digital transformation to
keep up with the ever-changing learning and
business environments.
With a school management system, administrators
can gain insights based on data for making better
decisions, improving enrollment, saving on costs,
enhancing experiences, and increasing efficiency.
ISMS D23 Manila is an advanced records
management solution designed for Philippine
private schools. Users can customize its features to
fit the specific needs of their school.
The system covers Basic Education (K-12) and
Higher Education, offering various applications
integrated into a single workspace. Each
functionality, whether student database or school
office accounting, has a built-in audit trail to
ensure data integrity.





What is ISMS D23 Manila?

Aside from comprehensive features, D23 Manila offers perpetual
licensing, which allows the school to use the system for free after the
contract expires. We provide paid support at a very minimal cost.
ISMS D23 Manila builds on the foundation of its previous iterations.
It’s an advanced network database software for efficient management of
school records. The system is built for private schools, understands the
needs of Philippine schools, and is customizable for a public school
User-friendly and reliable technology created by a team of Filipino
developers with a heart and passion for improving the country’s
education sector.



At Php550 per student annually for five (5) years, D23 Manila emphasizes
value for money for the school. The payment is more of a system purchase
than an annual subscription.
Our approach might be counterintuitive, but our mission is to help schools —
both big and small — enjoy the benefits of our technology. For a school with
300 students, the cost is Php165,000 a year, and so on.
The package includes online registration (hosted by ISMS), knowledge-based
remote support and consultancy, online or onsite deployment and
implementation, and user training.




Download documentation here: https://isms.ph/downloads/D23Manila.pdf