Grades Module (SF-10, Students Grades, Teachers Portal, HPS and E-Class Record)

The Integrated School Management System (eGrade) is a world-class and state of the art multi-user network database application system designed for a more efficient and systematic preparation of school processes, records and grades transaction. The system is DepEd Kto12 curriculum compliant as to components and percentile.

SF-10 (Permanent Record)


Grade Components


Modules: Basic Grades, Pre-elementary, Elementary, Junior High School, Basic Education Components, Add Grade Module, Post Detailed Grades by Subject, Post Final Grades by Quarter, Assign Advisory, E-Class Record, Grades Inquiry and Reporting and SF-10 (Permanent Record)

  • Basic Ed (Elem and JHS). These modules are complete from test results up to posting of detailed and final grades. It auto generate computation based from grades criteria or performance factor.
  • Senior High School (Ongoing Development). This module is designed for SHS grades management just like with Basic Ed.
  • Reports. These modules are the highlights of the system because it can solved a lot of computation problems in grades. If also features printing of grades by quarter or 1 whole year and many more.
  • Special Feature: School of Tomorrow (SOT) Grading System

School of Tomorrow (SOT) Grades System


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