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“Learn LMS, we offer authentic and fresh courses created by teachers for learners.”

Reasonable Cost

Learn LMS comes with a unique domain name, premium hosting and email package for a reasonable cost. Compared to other LMS in the market today, the price is so high by either double or maybe more. We’re giving leverage to the school to earn also…so they can pay their staff right or give incentives to them. If you have queries on cost and packages, please email us at sales@isms.ph

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Learn LMS will be installed in your website. Thus, a school website/domain is necessary.


With our energetic and dynamic content authors and teachers, we surely manifest that our courses and activities are fresh and authentic. Created with love and passion to education for our learners. We do not recycled learning plans and implementations. We do have enough tools and application creating our very our modules online and offline. With the help of these tools, we can make a learning more focused and goal oriented.

It is with great desire that the Learn portal will become the benchmark of success in the Learning Management System and we’re proud to share with you the noble task of providing quality learning environment for your institutions.



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